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Matt at Piano

“Soren has done something nearly impossible.. He has been to the bottom and now on the way up he is inspiring others to lift themselves out of despair and forge their own happiness.” Julian G -Music Critic/Producer –

“Awesome album! What a story! Real recovery in tracks.” Scott B -Clinical Director at Living Better Institute, New York

“I have listened to a lot of recovery music since The Gazette started 30 months ago – a lot of it seems downright boring to me. Yours doesn’t – very dynamic” -12 Step Gazette, Philadelphia

“This is great recovery rock with a great new perspective.”

“Thank you so much for the incredible performance! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing your gift and your past with us. The kids relate so much to your experience. Thanks again!” Chris B -Life Line

“It’s nice to have this type of rock coming from the industrial outlet. Great Stuff!”

“I want to thank you on behalf of everyone at HOH, we really enjoyed your inspirational music. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share strength, hope and desire to change your life around. God Bless” Lori W – House of Hope

“Matt Soren’s newest album “Return from Broken” one in which Soren fuses intense Electronic and Psychedelic Rock techniques to present a very cutting-edge sounding album that was made after Soren’s successful battle with addiction and recovery. 5 Stars.” Sean B. Reviewer from

“An awesome performance… absolutely entrancing.” Julia Hollingsworth -Rising Artist Studios

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Matt One Tonic Wall Photo

The One Tonic is a hybrid blend of alternative and electronic rock music by brain child Matt Soren. Blending the sonic flavor of Muse or MGMT with a more optimistic resolution, One Tonic is about living life above the status quo of deteriorating societal values.

Previous to the formation of The One Tonic, Matt Soren produced a solo concept album called ‘Return from Broken‘ which delivered a cathartic message about recovery from addiction and escape to freedom following his own experiences. Soren began performing for local rehabs and treatment centers as a way to give back and benefit those striving to conquer similar demons.

Shortly after, his wife was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. This immediately changed his focus to fighting her battle with cancer. With 5 kids and their youngest just 6 months old, life became all the more eventful between cancer treatments, surgeries and subsequent financial challenges that ensued. Although these difficulties took most of his attention, they also bred songs of new depth and meaning which not only apply to recovery from addiction, but also recovery from adversity, mental, physical and other challenges. and The One Tonic were formed to share those experiences as well as the new highs that come when we’ve discovered how to live a truly, satisfying life, that only keeps getting better.

For all paid events, a portion of all net proceeds from CD, ticket and merchandise sales go directly to support various organizations who assist those in recovery, in all their forms. For any questions or to schedule a show call us at 435-709-8687 or submit a form via our Contact Page.

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