Performances and Presentations

Soren does both performances and speaking presentations (though often a combination of both). He does recovery performances as shown below, and inspiring performances to increase our joy and impact in the world can be found here, including victory over addictions, abuse and adversity, putting relationships first and how to build a fully satisfying, purpose driven life.

Promoting Hope, Recovery, and Having a Positive Impact Via Engaging, Upbeat Music and Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Recovery Show Specifics

This customizable live performance is designed to connect with those in recovery on a more personal level, in a more engaging and entertaining way, even for those in early stages of recovery who may be less receptive.

Most shows are between 60-90 minutes in length and can be uniquely personalized to each audience, based on your requests. Soren’s performance includes the integration of live electronic music, keyboard/piano and acoustic guitar. Full acoustic sets can also be performed.

Personal experience and universal principles of recovery are shared through out the performance and can be tailored to your discretion for the audience being addressed.

Basic Requirements

All equipment can be provided by Soren including PA (up to 600 watts – about 150 people), mixer, music gear, lighting, mics, cables, etc for any shows within 75 miles of the Salt Lake Valley. For performances outside this vicinity options can be arranged.

Minimum space requirement:12’ W x 8’ D for gear and performance space with 2, 120v outlets within 50’ of the stage parameter (or venue should provide additional extension cords to accommodate).

Live Set List – Songs

Song sets are customized to each audience (and per request). A typical 60-90 minute set will include 7-10 songs. (Note: Below is not a full list of songs as new ones are continually being written. More are added to the site periodically)

1. Missing
2. Not Your Tool
3. Letting Go
4. Clear
5. On The Edge
6. Broken
7. To Surrender
8. Swore I’d Never
9. All In With You
10. Satisfied
11. Not Gonna Waste it
12. It’s Not Fair
13. This Fight

14. Become
15. Happy To Feel It
16. Bring It On

17. Purpose
18. Release
19. Won’t Stop
20. Grace
21. Burns in Me
22. Finally Alive

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A portion of all net proceeds from ticket, CD and merchandise sales will go directly to support various organizations that are waging war against addiction and abuse. Contact us to learn how your venue, treatment center, rehab facility, halfway house, school or other awareness-raising outlet can benefit from his transformational message.

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Matt Soren
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